Patient Forms

Your provider may request that you print/complete one of more of the following forms.

The Symptom Chart and the Monthly Mood Chart were developed by Kansas City Psychiatric Group for the use of our patients. Any reproduction of these documents must have prior approval from Kansas City Psychiatric Group.

The Vanderbilt Scales were developed by Mark L. Wolraich, MD, copyright 2002 by the American Academy of Pediatrics and National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality. Permission was granted to Kansas City Psychiatric Group for use of these scales on our website.

Telehealth Visits Provided

Our providers are offering flexible appointment options to include in-office visits as well as telehealth.

Please note that there may be certain limitations for telehealth visits based on your insurance plan policies and other federal regulations.

You may contact our office at (913)338-0400 for more information.

Now Offering

Patient Portal

For access to your patient portal, please visit

You must contact our office to receive your portal invitation if you have not already done so.